Financial Coaching Toolkit
Financial Coaching Toolkit

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Programs & Tools to Build Your Financial Coaching Skills

No matter your “niche” – if you’re a financial coach who wants to deepen client relationships and provide (sanity-saving) next-level programming and support, you’re going to love building your very own Financial Coaching Toolkit.

With more than a decade of experience running a highly successful, $7+ figure financial coaching business, we’re confident when we say that we’ve cracked the code for creating lifetime, super-fan clients.

And now, we want to help you create those same super-fan clients who are thrilled to work with you loooooooong after they complete their initial program.

No more panicking when your client “graduates” from their initial program and immediately asks, “What’s next?”

Once your clients have completed their initial program, their need for coaching doesn’t vanish – it changes. And, with targeted, strategic Growth Areas to choose from, you can design a client journey that not only fits your client’s needs but allows you to grow and scale your skills as a coach and, ultimately, your business – by offering additional solutions, programs, and support.

The Financial Coaching Toolkit contains laser-focused Growth Areas designed to solve specific issues that financial coaches encounter. Every single one of the Growth Area programs contains the tools you need for success – including videos, worksheets, templates, and more, which makes it super easy to select the Growth Areas that you need to level up your financial coaching skills and fill your practice.  Have questions, check out our FAQs below.

Important Note

If you’ve never had a paying client, run a business, picked a niche, haven’t had a chance (or aren’t sure how) to put systems and processes in place, or aren’t clear on your offer(s), the Toolkits on this page are not where you want to start. We are thrilled that you found us, and we want you to have an awesome experience, which means you need to build your foundation before you start adding additional “bonus” tools, techniques, and lessons. We encourage you to start with our foundational course for Financial Coaches: the Financial Coach Academy®. Find out more RIGHT HERE.

Ready to build your very own
Financial Coaching Toolkit?

Growth Areas Available Now

Growth Areas 1, 2 & 3 are now ICF approved, so you will receive ICF Accredited Continuing Coach Education (CCE) hours.

Growth Area 1

Embodying the Role of a Financial Coach


Regardless of how you became a financial coach, it’s important that you fully embrace your role & show up fully for your clients. Learn how to ask the BEST questions, how to set and deliver clear expectations with your clients, and a whole lot more. Receive ICF Accredited Continuing Coach Education (CCE) hours.

Growth Area 2

A 90-Day Financial Coaching Program that Delivers Results


Ever wonder how Financial Coaches get absolutely out-of-this-world reviews? They’ve got a program designed to deliver results – and now, you can, too (and when you sign your first client, you’ll make your $$$ back). Receive ICF Accredited Continuing Coach Education (CCE) hours.

Growth Area 3

Coaching on the Basics of Personal Finance


Teaching about debt and coaching a client through debt are two entirely different things. This Growth Area will set you up to be an expert COACH when taking your clients through the basics of personal finance. We’ll tackle debt, savings, and more! Receive ICF Accredited Continuing Coach Education (CCE) hours.

Growth Area 4

Coaching on Advanced Topics in Personal Finance


In coaching, many clients will face big decisions like student loans, home buying, investing, bankruptcy, and more. Learn to better coach them, prepare them to meet with other experts, and navigate such scenarios confidently in this Toolkit.

Growth Area 5

Coaching on Spending Habits and Financial Decision-Making


Growth Area 5 will help you coach your clients to cultivate money habits to support their future – including overcoming their self-sabotaging spending, increasing awareness and intentionality, and to self-motivate and celebrate their successes.

Growth Area 11

The Plan Ahead Method Tech Tutorial


Technology is a powerful tool – but teaching someone how to use it can be frustrating. Use our tutorials for the Plan Ahead Method™ Budget so you can better support your clients as they develop their new habits.

Growth Areas Coming in 2024

Growth Area 6

Coaching on Finding Extra Money

Growth Area 7

Coaching Couples, Partners, and Parents

Growth Area 8

Coaching Small Business Owners

Growth Area 9

Coaching on Money Mindset


Growth Area 10

Annual Exercises To Do With Your Clients

Meet Your Mentors



Lead Coach

Hi, I’m Kelsa!

I spent 7 years as a financial advisor and corporate accountant – but it wasn’t until I started helping friends and family with their finances that I realized my passion wasn’t in making corporations more money – I wanted to help real people with their day-to-day finances. So, in 2010, I started my own financial coaching business, Fiscal Fitness PHX.

And at the time, no one was providing the level of financial coaching that I wanted to – so I created most of my own systems and processes. These same systems and processes have helped launch me as a nationally recognized financial coach, and are exactly what we teach inside the Financial Coach Academy® and other programs. I’m also the proud author of the Financial Coaching Playbook – the definitive guide to starting and running a financial coaching business.



Lead Coach

Hi, I’m Jill!

My passion is helping people – which makes my position as the Director of Coaching at Fiscal Fitness Phoenix a perfect fit. (I’m also a Financial Coach Academy Instructor, lead coach of our Elite VIP Program and co-creator of the Financial Coaching Toolkit. – to say I’m “all in” when it comes to creating trainings & content to help other financial coaches rock their businesses is a bit of an understatement!)

I didn’t start my career as a financial coach (I was actually a clinical pharmacist.) until I went through my own financial coaching journey – it was truly transformative, and I realized that creating financial peace of mind, helping others achieve what I had, was exactly what I wanted to do all the time.  I love supporting our Financial Coach Academy coaches as they gain the skills to guide their own clients toward  financial stability and peace of mind.

Financial Coaching Toolkit FAQ’s

Is there overlap of information between the growth areas?
There is SOME overlap of content from some growth areas to others. If we felt like we had a client worksheet that’s related to two different growth areas, we did include it in both. For example, our Planning Ahead Strategy handout is included both in Toolkit Growth Area 3 where we cover Coaching on Planning Ahead Successfully and in Toolkit Growth Area 11 where we cover the Plan Ahead Method™. Even though it more directly relates to Growth Area 3, we wanted to provide it to our students who only choose Growth Area 11 as well.
Is there overlap of information between FCA?
Financial Coach Academy (FCA) includes some of the very basic coaching concepts in a bonus module that we believe all financial coaches will likely encounter with their clients – things like planning ahead successfully, setting goals, saving for emergencies, and others. However, there isn’t complete overlap between any of the Growth Areas and FCA. No single Growth Area is entirely included in FCA, but the most overlap likely occurs between Toolkit Growth Area 2 and FCA. All growth areas include entirely new content that is not included anywhere in FCA. In addition, every single coaching concept has been revamped and up-leveled for the new version of the Toolkit, and those updates are not part of FCA.
When I invest in the Financial Coaching Toolkit, do I get access to any future revisions and updates?
Yes! Any time we add or improve Toolkit content for a specific Growth Area, you will receive immediate access. We are also always monitoring feedback we receive about our courses and use that feedback to make improvements that will better support our students. In fact, we have already added updates to some of the recently released Growth Areas!
How long do I have access to the content in the Financial Coaching Toolkit after I enroll?
You have lifetime access to all Growth Areas in the Financial Coaching Toolkit!
Is closed captioning available in the Toolkit?
Unfortunately, due to a limitation of our course software, the Financial Coaching Toolkit is not currently available with closed captioning.